The text and paintings on The Trowbridge Chronicles are taken from the illustrated journal of Violet Trowbridge, a shrew that once lived in a village deep in the Olympic Rain Forest. Each new post will represent a portion of Mrs. Trowbridge’s journal.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


The fluid nature of Mrs. Trowbridge's watercolor paintings were an ideal media to capture the vivid colors of the Quinault Rain Forest where she once lived. Below is the finished painting that she created to memorialize her departed mother. Mother Trowbridge exerted a great influence on her daughter, Violet. It was Mother Trowbridge who taught Violet how to scribe, and to become accomplished in the art of watercolor.

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Cindy D. said...

I'm certain her mother would be very proud. I really like the lovely bright greens. A bit of happiness and sunshine at an otherwise solemn spot.