The text and paintings on The Trowbridge Chronicles are taken from the illustrated journal of Violet Trowbridge, a shrew that once lived in a village deep in the Olympic Rain Forest. Each new post will represent a portion of Mrs. Trowbridge’s journal.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Because the word "robot" doesn't appear anywhere in the Trowbridge Chronicles, I thought I would seize the opportunity, and share a most amazing story with you...

It all started last summer. I was on safari in Morocco, exploring a cave in the cliffs above the Wad Dra River, when I stumbled upon something most amazing. There, buried under skull fragments and pottery shards was what appeared to be an ancient manuscript! I brushed the dust from it and carefully unrolled it. Yes! It was a manuscript! My light revealed beautifully scribed text, and even illustrations! The title read: The Legend of Shrew Khan. The art style was distinctly humorous. I didn't know they had cartoonists in ancient times...did you?

I rolled the manuscript into a sheet of burlap, placed it in the boot of my Land Rover, then drove into Marakech to have carbon dated. To my utter amazement, it dated back to the Third Century!

Fast forward to three weeks ago. My phone rings unusually early one morning. I try not to sound's the famous producer, Jerry Bruckheimer. My mind is racing as he expains that he wants to pay me a ton of money to option my Shrew Khan manuscript for a movie! Hollywood has caught wind of my discovery. Perhaps Bruckheimer read about it in USA Today, or in one of the supermarket rags.

He calls me again yesterday to inform me that none other than TOM CRUISE has signed on to play the title role of Shrew Khan. Katie Holmes will play Shrew Kahn's mistress. I was delighted, of course, but I thought they were terrible casting choices. I was thinking more along the lines of Jack Black or Paulie Shore to play Shrew Kahn, and maybe Bette Midler or Whoopie Goldberg to play the mistress. Whatever...I'm just thrilled that Shrew Kahn is going to make it to the big screen.

I got special permission from Mr. Bruckheimer to let you have a sneak peek at a page from the manuscript. He will only allow ONE page to be revealed to the public. I chose YOU, the Illustration Friday audience, to be the first to see it. This is the special page that I selected, because it's a good close-up depiction of Kahn and his robot steed. So look for The Legend of Shrew Kahn, coming soon to a multiplex near you!


disappointed said...


i totally agree with your casting preferences btw!
great story, back story and pic!

JO said...

Great story, equally great illo.

violetismycolor said...

What a charming way to illustrate 'robot'...I am still thinking over how to do it. Great painting.

Amy Zaleski said...

I just love your sense of humor...timely joke on TomKat as well. Are they ever good casting choices? She ruined "Batman Begins" with her robotic performance. Nonetheless, this is a great interpretation for "robot." I was wondering how the topic would fit into "Trowbridge" and of course it is masterfully done, as usual.

TXArtcGal said...

Wonderful take on this week's topic! You are hilarious!! I always looks forward to your entry because I know it is going to be such a joy! As was!

Pickledog said...

We are very privileged indeed to get this preview. Great illo I like the lady bug feet a lot. Is there any way to get Jackie Chan, or maybe Samuel Jackson involved in the project?

HARDWAX said...

This whole turn of events must be overwhelming, movie deals, stardom for Shrew Khan and Ladybug steed robot, WOW! I am honored to get a sneak peek here. Creative and beautiful piece, Oscar awaits.

creative kismet said...

SO cool! A ladybug-like robot!!

Yeah, katie and tom would not have been my first choice either!! Oh well, when hollywood calls...

Excellent interpretation!!

Doug said...

Hmmm... more halucinations... I think it's time to increase your medicine again!

... just kidding... I love the whole thing and another wonderful drawing!

Twisselman said...

A summer blockbuster for sure... must still be a year away. Shrew Kahn has a most determined, if slightly bored, look on his face. Yes, war can be hell.

Great post!

ValGalArt said...

haha i agree, Jack Black is the optimal choice for a role such as this. Just think, someday we can say we knew you when...

paula said...

Well, we the IF crowd feel SO special! I, too, was wondering how you'd pull 'robot' into the TC and you did it perfectly. Love it, Bron!

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Love it! Glad to ba back again.:)

Geninne said...

Oh Bron, you just crack me up! This is just way to funny and cute :-)
The illo is amazing as usual.
You are just so blessed to live in such a beautiful place..."The lavender capital of North America" is that cool or what! I saw some pictures at:

Beautiful, beautiful indeed.
God bless you!

carla said...

I'm laughing out loud at work! What a great bit of backstory, and the illustration is fabulous! You rrobotic ladybug steed is a wonderful piece of imaginative creativity. Wonderful:> I can't wait fot eh movie to come out, but I'm with you...nix Cruise & Holmes. In fact, gag me with a spoon!

Wee Cottage said...

I can see your blog again.....YEAH!!!!! I've just read all the back posts I missed - Such wonderful work and this last post was very funny. I love the lady bug robot. I'm so excited that I can stop by and see your wonderful work again.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

You have really outdone yourself! This is a riot. Shrew Khan looks like he may be thinking to himself "been there, done that" and the ladybug-bot seems enthusiastic about being a part of shrew history. Good luck with hollywood, don't let it change you...

Ginger*:)* said...

I think Shrew Kahn needs no script to amaze and astonish the audience. His appearance says it all. Perhaps a word or two, but not much more. Oh, and a few grunts. As for the ladybug robot, I am sure it will make wonderful sounds as its gears connect and grind along in the desert sand. Are thoes toes air-pods? It almost looks as though Shrew Kahn's robotic steed could float along above the sand and dust. I would definately go with Harrison Ford and Whoppi!
The parts are pretty much interchangable. We can leave that up to Jerry.

Ginger*:)* said...

I think Shrew Kahn needs no script to amaze and astonish the audience. His appearance says it all. Perhaps a word or two, but not much more. Oh, and a few grunts. As for the ladybug robot, I am sure it will make wonderful sounds as its gears connect and grind along in the desert sand. Are thoes toes air-pods? It almost looks as though Shrew Kahn's robotic steed could float along above the sand and dust. I would definately go with Harrison Ford and Whoppi!
The parts are pretty much interchangable. We can leave that up to Jerry.

Michael O'Connell said...

one page is more than enough… well not that way… well, maybe because of the "tomkat"… the story is great… the illo is too… well done s usual…

madretz said...

hehehe! Yea, I'd go w/ Jack Black, too.
Very fun drawing and story.

tiffinix said...

Oh amazing - you have outdone yourself. Hilarious post (I completely agree Jack Black is the way). And of course wonderful artwork as always. Both expressions are fantastic and all the arrows. I do feel very lucky to get to see this - thank you! I really wondered how Trowbridge Chronicles would do with the topic of robot - amazing!

aynaku said...

wonderful illo...and funny story.
I was in Morocco twenty years ago and personally met Shrew Khan!

Issi said...

Hello :o) Its lovely and excellent style, keep in touch, Issi

buep said...

Great story and lovely style :)))

Matt Kidd said...

"Robot ladybug steed"... How bizarre. :D A great illustration... you've got a lot of awesome illustrations here! I'm honored that you thought my drawing style was cool. :)
I read in your other blog that you're gonna be appearing on Honey, We're Killing the Kids! Man, I've gotta catch that episode- that would be too cool to see!

Kay said...

too cool!

Janet said...

Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing with us! I agree about the casting, too.Tom/Kat are annoying.

Roz Foster said...

Ha! Ha! I'll be looking for the trailers in a theatre near me... What an imaginative idea that ladbug robot is. Personally, I think Tom should play the bug-bot.

Sherry Rogers Illustrations said...

Well this is a first visit to your page. What a true delight. I don't have time to read the archives today as I am under a deadline crunch, but I have bookmarked it and will be back daily for more till I catch up. You truly have a gift!

I am putting a link on my blog to your blog, so that other might learn of it. I will now become one of your faithful blog readers. It is one of the best I have read! And I don’t say that lightly and I don't read blogs daily. . .but I will yours.



Daphne said...

Oh I like the deadpan/grumpy look of the shrew here, I reckon maybe that helmet is too tight to comfortably accomodate it's ears. Very nice detailing in the background too! I wonder if the poor wretch watching through the gate has just had it's house burnt down by Shrew Khan...
Well done on finding this manuscript Bron!
I am secretly hoping they might cast Jason Lee in the up and coming film...but then, I am a girl...

zieglarf said...

Thats a great illo, Bron.

Your stuff makes me think of Maurice Sendak - I think that was his name. Did monsters in childrens books. I don't know why - your style is totally different; it just made me think of him.

ratlion said...

:) Clever and enjoyable as always!

Jay said...

Way cool!! Just found your blog and story of your film. Great going! Congrats! You obviously know what you are doing. Great Ladybug robot.

cbobak said...

Your writing is as wonderful as your artwork! I love the ladybug robot, especially the skull feet! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will definately bookmark your site so I can visit again and again.

Jim Di Bartolo said...

REALLY enjoy all of these pieces on your site. Nice work indeed!


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

An amazing illo! WOW! Love the ladybug theme with the robot, very creative!!! Extremely artistic, and I LOVE the humorous commentary/story! Mary :-)

Kim Carney said...

in love with this!

Mar said...

very nice! sorry but my english is so poor to tell you more, I like very much the way you puts elements (paintings &text) in pages

Eric Smith said...

I'll be your 40th comment! Congratulations!!!

Holly said...

Love this-especially the big robot feet. Great work. Cheers!

flossy-p said...

My vote is for Jack Black! Though I'm not sure how kindly he would treat lady-bot steed.
Love it!

scribblesk said...

Thanks for the sneak peek. Wish I could see the rest. I am awestruck by your extraordinary drawings!

Majeak Ann said...

Hola! Gracias por tu verdad lo agradezco, así pude conocer tus trabajos que son tremendos!! Los personajes son ha gustado el ambiente que le creas individualmente..saludos!

The Tart said...

Way too adorable. U know I luv those sweet sweet ladybugs!

I just luv how your mind works. ; )

Big ladybuggy smooch,
The Tart

BTW, I am under lock & key at my bloggy. Is there a creature in Mrs. T's woods that can free me?

Joel Chua said...

Bron, you shrew khan keep them coming! I can imagine you putting all these manuscript pages into one big dusty tome.

And Tom & Katie? What a coincidence...

Erin said...

Lovely sense of storytelling & lively, classic illustrations make for a great read :)

Ellen said...

Love the ladybug! Excellent, as usual!!!!

wynlen said...

What a fun robot!

Angela said...

What an amazing story. A truly great find! Shrew Khan has such a great presence, and his ladybug steed is just brilliant!

TAD said...

Woo-Your weeeee!!!! Your story telling is as delightful as your drawing !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding. The story, the illustrations are fabulous.

RamblingLibrarian said...

Goodness... all I can say is, you've got yourself a new fan for your blog. Went to pages after pages... Subscribed!

Bron Smith said...

Thank you, one and all, for your kind comments.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Cruise will run alot in the Hollywood version of Shrew Khan. And look determined.

Great little robot pal there, Bron! Another great entry in the book.

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Hi Bron, thanks for popping by my blog again.

Congrats on your TV experience too!

Yah, it was great fun to shoot for the TV programme. I sure hope the opportunity will come again. But for now, I really got to do more illos and sketches. Lots to catch up. I have missed IF so many times this month.

Good to talk to you again. Let's keep in touch.

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